Community Weaver

Online TimeBanking Software [pb_slideshow group=”1″] TimeBanking online software has become an essential tool for TimeBanks. Members can set up and record exchanges with a few simple clicks. TimeBank coordinators can support their TimeBank membership, organize and highlight events, make announcements and provide alerts for the TimeBank community.

Community Weaver 3

We are pleased to share with you the new Community Weaver 3, which we launched in April, 2015.   We are very proud of this new version of Community Weaver and are happy to provide it to make timebanking easy and accessible for you.  We are grateful to our community of timebankers and technology pros who created it. Community Weaver 3 is designed to adapt to any size screen, and is easy to use on a cellphone.  New features include a dashboard for coordinators for a quick-glance at the TimeBank’s ongoing activities.  Reports are easily generated, which is useful for fundraising or grant reporting. With Community Weaver 3, smaller TimeBanks or neighborhoods can come under the same umbrella so that the tasks (and real-time costs) of organizing the TimeBank can be shared.

Community Weaver 3  Hosting

TimeBanks USA has developed this software using open-source resources and we host the software for you (and take care of the headaches like security, updates, server maintenance).  When starting out, we suggest trying out the software at the Community Weaver 3 demo site. Learn how it works so you can get that piece in place.


How can you support Community Weaver? 

Free (Donations) Option 

If you are a TimeBank funded and/or managed by TimeBank members, Community Weaver is provided and hosted for free.  There will also be no charge for non-profit TimeBanks whose budget is less than $80,000 (in 2015 – this amount may be modified to reflect inflation over time).  In the spirit of reciprocity, we appeal to TimeBank Coordinators and our larger community of TimeBankers to contribute and help us raise the money necessary to pay the ongoing cost of providing the tool for TimeBanks.  The full amount of your gift is tax-deductible.  To give any amount, please donate here.

Fee-Paying Option

If you are (a) a grant-funded non-profit organization with paid staff and budgets of $80,000 or more –  as evidenced by the IRS form 990 for the previous year, (b) a government agency, or (c) a for-profit organization, the standard fee is $2 per member per year.  (Adjusted fee if needed.)  To receive an invoice or to discuss an adjusted fee, please contact us at


Contact us to use the online Community Weaver 3 TimeBanking Software

If you are starting a new Timebank and do not yet have the online software set up, you’ll need to sign up with your information,  sign the TimeBank use agreement for Community Weaver 3, and pay a small start-up fee of $25. Please click launch a new online Community Weaver software to request us to create a new Community Weaver 3 TimeBank site for you. Do you have more questions?  See our Frequently Asked Questions for more help.