Ron and Gigi showed how timebanking can unlock resources in the non-money world.

But even as their story celebrates the abundance in the non-money world, it hides the lack of abundance in the money world that Ron and the children were also experiencing.

Through his passion for art, Ron gives to others, freely and abundantly.  His willingness to contribute and to do so through the fullness of his passion and spirit has made a huge difference in his own and the two boys’ lives.

Behind that story is another:  It’s the story of the supplies that Ron needs, but does not have, to teach his class. It’s the story of not having enough.  There is too little of everything: paper, pens, pencils, all kinds of equipment.

Ron’s school district is poor. And that creates a struggle even to get the basic tools that he needs. Often, he will purchase what’s needed himself, and donate it to the school. But passion and dedication can only take him so far.  His classroom is woefully under-resourced.

If you’ve read this story – please consider: Might you send some funding to Ron to help him have on hand the supplies that he needs?  If so, please send us your name and email address and the words “collection 4 art teacher Ron” in an email to:

If we collect enough “Yes” responses, we will set things up to come back to you to make a contribution directed to Ron’s work as a special project of TimeBanks USA.