I am the Director of Time Initiative of Maine (T.I.ME). I recently spoke on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network about Time Banking in Maine, the U.S., and internationally, on “Maine Things Considered.” The conversation also spread to BitCoins as people look for ways around the money crunch. We talked for over an hour about both topics (mostly TimeBanking) but it was edited down to four minutes. Such is the way of media today, but every conversation about TimeBanking nudges social reality toward a paradigm shift.

A clear difference between the two, BitCoin and TimeBanking, is degrees of trust. While BitCoin is anonymous and unaccountable–while that may be good for some applications–TimeBanking develops connections, relationships and trust between givers and receivers. Social capital is built on trust and accountability, yet TimeBanking is often lumped into a general conversation about “alternative currencies.” It is important to note that alternatives become reality when they are no longer an “alternative” but the norm, when the paradigm shifts. Listen to the show below for stirrings of that shift, as we begin to question the foundations of “money”:

Maine Public Broadcasting Network